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2023-2024 Board of Trustees
Jennifer Mason, President
Dawn Schulz, Treasurer
Clara Grohn
Melanie Accola
Marv Schmit

Stephanie Rapp
Marjorie Messerschmidt

The Fall Creek Area Foundation was established on May 16, 1990 to provide a mechanism for people of goodwill, interested in the Fall Creek Area, to make donations for the improvement of quality of life within the area for present and future generations. The Lions club provided the start up funding of this foundation as another way to support Fall Creek and its vision of tomorrow.

The Fall Creek Area Foundation is an independent, not for profit, publicly supported, tax exempt, philanthropic trust, designed to receive gifts, endowments, real estate, bequests, annuities, stock, or cash donations to be administered for the benefit of the whole community. Remember the Fall Creek Area Foundation in your giving and in your will. There are few gifts that have a higher or better purpose than a gift for the betterment of your community. A gift to the Fall Creek Area Foundation is lasting, tax deductible, and will make the Fall Creek Area a better place for you, your family, and your friends for now and on into future times.

Foundation Projects
Through the generous donations of both private individuals and local organizations the Fall Creek Area Foundation provides perpetual funding for 21 separate scholarships to graduating seniors of Fall Creek High School. This amounts to over $23,000 each year to students who are pursuing higher education!
Through generous donations of both private individuals and local businesses and organizations, the Fall Creek Area Foundation provides funding for a variety of community projects. Visit our Community Projects link on the left of this page to learn more.

Perhaps you will be able to make a gift or donation? Perhaps you will think of a new or innovative way in which you can become part of the Fall Creek Vision!

Financial Reports
The Fall Creek Area Foundation releases financial reports for the current year plus previous years.

2022 Financial Report
2021 Financial Report
2020 Financial Report
2019 Financial Report
2018 Financial Report

2017 Financial Report
2015 Financial Report
2014 Financial Report
2013 Financial Report

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