Grants / Funds

If you are interested in starting a new fund, please contact a member of our Board of Trustees. They will help you determine the type of fund, name, and how much you would like to give.

Establish a Fund either through a direct contribution, through a legacy gift, or both.  A minimum initial gift of $10,000 will endow your fund immediately, but you may also choose to start with a smaller amount.  Start a Seedling Fund with 10% ($1,000) of the minimum and build it over time.  Once the Fund reaches the endowment minimum, your Fund can begin providing income to support grants for organizations in the Fall Creek Area and will do so forever.

Recipients of Funds

$2,500 was awarded to the Wunderhaven Roof Project
$2,500 was awarded to Fall Creek Schools Baseball
$2,500 was awarded to Keller Park Project

$1,100 was awarded to the Fall Creek Area Fire Department
$1,000 was awarded to Fall Creek Valley Housing
$1,000 was awarded to Fall Creek PTO
$1,000 was awarded to Country Cousins 4-H

$1,100 was awarded to the Fall Creek Disc Golf & Scouts BSA (Josh Luedtke) to finish the Disc Golf Project
$1,000 was awarded to UW-Eau Claire Rural Resiliency Project

$2300 to the Fall Creek Emergency Medical Services for heart defibrillators
$1000 to the Fall Creek Public Library for their Light Up Fall Creek initiative

$6,000 was awarded in 2019 for Fall Creek Community Grants
FC American Legion $2200 for a bench at the Veteran’s Memorial
FC Historical Society $800 for technology to digitize photos
FC Disc golf $750 toward initiating this new project
FC Library $750 toward nesting tables and chairs
FC Housing $750 toward an automatic front door opener
Eagle Scout, Brian Salinas, $500 for FCHS Drama Set Walls
Village of FC $250 for 1 Summer Music Concert

Village of Fall Creek – Quarterly Newsletter

Girls on the Run of the Chippewa Valley, Village of Fall Creek, Fall Creek Historical Society, and Fall Creek Valley Housing


Congratulations to the 2016 Community Endowment Grant recipients the Fall Creek Police Department and the Village of Fall Creek. The Police Department was awarded a grant for their Bicycle Safety program and the Village was awarded a grant for replacing the bleachers and dugouts at the ball field in Keller Park.

Village of Fall Creek Police Department Bicycle Safety Program and National Night Out

Fall Creek Fire District to assist with purchase of a carbon monoxide detector Fall Creek Community Cupboard Expansion Project Fall Creek Historical Society Fall Creek Public Library Trinity Cemetary for purchase of stones for unmarked graves.

current funds
Allen Peuse EndowmentWilbur and Myrt Walter EndowmentRichard Ziemann Endowment
William and Patricia Henke EndowmentRichard Ziemann Pass Through